James Emery

Managing Director - Business Development

James Emery

Managing Director – Business Development

James has been with the company “man and boy”, but officially since he left college in 1990.  He has been actively involved in client relationships and business development, and now heads up COS Interiors.

James is a member of the Board, and contributes to all areas and aspects of COS life.

He has a number of involvements outside of COS, having served on the Board, and as President, of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, and is now a Parent Governor of Ysgol y Ddraig in Llantwit Major, and an active Board Member and Director of Woko Woco, a reputed high-level business network.

Outside of COS, James is married to Debbie, and has 4 children from ‘tiny to teenager’.  He enjoys following football, “endures” cycling, is an avid reader, a “rubbish” surfer, and loves music and going to as many gigs as humanly possible in year (breaking his personal record in 2016 despite “no longer being 21”).”  According to his family, he needs to “learn to say ‘no’ to things.