How we can help

Let us do the work for you!


Improve efficiency

COS Office provide a single source solution, helping your business to reduce costs and improve efficiency. By consolidating your supplier base and product range, you will save valuable time and money. Business supplies are an unwanted but necessary expense within your business. Unfortunately, the administration cost of procuring high volume and often low value products can be more than the products themselves. 

If too much of your time is being taken up by dealing with multiple suppliers, take advantage of our diverse suite of products and services and start enjoying the benefits of a single source:

  • Reduction in supplier base
  • Enhanced control and cost awareness
  • E-procurement and online options
  • One point of contact, enhancing the supplier relationship
  • Consistency of the quality of products
  • Reduction in the number of transactions, resulting in less delivery notes, invoices and statements
  • Reduction in product cost and consumption
  • Improved management information flow
  • Eco-friendly sustainable processes
  • Continuity and stability of supply
  • Stock reduction through prompt and reliable deliveries
  • Reduction in the number of deliveries via your goods inwards



Reduce costs

Our tailored management reporting system will help you manage your ongoing costs. We provide you with key performance indicators enabling you to monitor usage, identify areas for product rationalisation and make expenditure transparent throughout your business.






Are you looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency in your business, but haven’t got the time? We can help!

Our costed audit and reporting solutions is a personal­ised single sourced management system designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and to introduce effective robust controls.

Our auditing team will adapt, personalise and introduce a system to suit the individual needs of your company, using our unique system and their extensive product knowledge.

We are confident that we can deliver real savings for your business. It’s a completely free service with no obligation. Our friendly, professional team will make it hassle free with the simple steps below:





We will gather previous supplier invoices, order confirmations and contracts to establish actual prices and usage.




We will take the time to listen to, and understand your business needs. Your ordering process, from origination to fulfilment, we be reviewed to identify where there is scope to introduce savings through new products, procedures and processes.




Following our analysis, this information will be presented in a report showing your projected annual saving. We will propose an ordering system that will control all purchases and make expenditure transparent, identifying any hidden costs.




The transition will be handled efficiently by our specialist team, ensuring minimal impact to your business. We work with your staff to ensure complete satisfaction, and will provide any training requirements.